Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Those that have talked with me about London, have heard me sing the foodie praises of the Borough market. It was the highlight of my last trip to London & it lived up to every drip of memory. In my opinion, this is what all farmer's markets should aspire to be...the market of all markets, the queen bee, the mother hen...you get the point. You can most anything your foodie heart desires...and then maybe a few things you did not even know you were craving! Friends, meet Raclette, the deliciously creamy & easy to melt cheese traditionally served over roasted potatoes & cornichon (french for gherkin...mini delicious pickles made from gherkin cucumbers). This lovely cheese originated in the southwest corner of Switzerland (Valais) and has become quite popular across the border in France (northern Rhone/southern Franche-Comte), and is nearly impossible to ignore at the Borough Market. The aroma will find you from far corners of the market & draw you in. It can be dangerous to resist, so of course, I did not. Hopefully these pictures do it a slice of justice.
Raclette is certainly not the only star of this show. More pics to torture your buds can be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/sarah.dvorak/BoroughMarket#


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