Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today, I embark on a what is certain to be a remarkable chapter of the CHEESEarch journey. It begins in Austin, Texas where I will attend the 4 day American Cheese Conference. Everyone who is anyone in the American artisan cheese scene is sure to attend, so I just could not resist. Before you hop the first flight down to join me for some delicious exploration of American artisan cheese...this is a member's only conference (yes, I am officially a member...say what you will...haha). Rest assured, I will be your eyes to the inside of this delightful event reporting every morsel of goodness.

After Austin, I am off to the birthplace of our beloved snack. UK & France of course! Details are still working themselves out, but there will surely be a trip to Somerset, UK...more specifically Cheddar. This is no joke. There is a town called Cheddar...obviously I must go. Then London for some Neal's Yard & Borough Market action, before hopping on the Chunnel & taking it to the streets of Paris followed by some fun in Burgundy & Jura regions of France

I am beyond excited & cannot wait to share. Let the CHEESEarch begin!

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