Saturday, August 25, 2012

Damerak Love Union

"Damerak" Love Union
Etymology: dameron n. + dvorak n.
     When one dameron and one dvorak join together in nuptial bliss, most often at a remote/idyllic location in the South Tahoe mountains in and around the Eldorado National Forest.

That's right, folks! They did it. Ma and Pa got hitched! It all went down on Saturday, August 11th in the beautiful resort town of Kirkwood, California. I and the rest of the Mission Cheesers were invited to share in the happiness of our love-struck owners. We felt so privileged to be in attendance!

I guess it may seem unusual to most that a group of employees who see each other day in and day out would jump at the the chance to pile in a car for 4.5 hours to attend their bosses' wedding of which they were all invited. We really are a cheesy family at 736 Valencia and Sarah and Oliver truly feel like parental units. How could we not be there to see them finally tie the proverbial knot?

So that's what happened and it was beautiful. It wasn't just beautiful in the way that all weddings are beautiful, but beautiful in a "this just makes sense" sense. I think it was clear to all 120 guests that these two people are supposed to be together. They each found the person that they will continue to grow with and laugh with and cry with and of course to forever love with.

Cheese played a paramount piece in the wedding details, fore a bride-selected flight was the centerpiece of each of the dining tables. There were two cheeses from California: Baserri, a Basque-style sheep's milk from Baranaga Ranch in Marshall; and the flower dotted fresh chevre from Harley Farms in Pescadero. There were also two 'Sconi attendees: Bleu Mont Cheddar from Blue Mounds and Bohemian Blue, a fruity sheep's blue from Westby. Fat Bottom Girl, a delicious semi-hard sheep's milk from Sebastopol was included on the desert table.

So now reality has set in, yet I'm sure in the Damerak's case, the honeymoon is far from over. It is, however, back to the curd-filled grind. So next time you visit Mission Cheese, shout a "congratulations" to the newly married couple. They'll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading and get your tickets Here for our next event coming up in September!


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