Monday, April 2, 2012

Thank You for an Amazing Year!

I vaguely remember the opening jitters this time last year. Out of time, out of money, running on pure adrenaline Oliver & I along with 4 very brave cheese-loving souls embarked on an epic adventure. From what I can remember the general feeling was something like...Are we ready?!? No! Oh shit!

Much like stories I've heard about giving birth (there's that analogy again), I think we forget the worst of we contemplate doing it again. I know there was utter chaos, I know there were tearful moments, I know my klutzy tendencies were at an all time high...but I don't remember it, really. Day after day we learned more about how to work in our space and what customers would use us for & when. We continue to learn, but it's far from utter chaos.

Since last year we have grown to an AMAZING team of 8 (& planning to grow that number by at least 1 in the near future if you know anyone interested). We have added a plethora of beverages to the menu (beyond the coffee and water available on day 1...ha...that one always gets me). We have added charcuterie, some of which is made in-house by Eric. Busted a purse & iPhone snatching thief. We visited 4 dairies & 1 winery. We hosted 3 SF Beer Week events, a Litquake reading, a SFBC Tour de Fromage, & 4 Night Cheese pairings. We make our own pickles. We have had the amazing pleasure of chatting cheese with San Franciscans & many others passing through. We were even in a Brazilian tour guide...and then there was that sweet mention in the New York Times.

The most exciting part is that we have served up over 10,000 "cheese flights" of American beauties. All delivered with a story and a whole lot of love. Go ahead, throw up a fist feels good.

We have had an epic year, and we are planning for the future.

The latest plan come to fruition is our new & improved outdoor seating...affectionately known as the Cheese Garden. The outdoor space now seats up to 16 cheese-lovers...and it's cozy!

Next up is extending our hours. The #1 question at the shop, by far is, "Why do you close at 8?" or "Why so early?" or "Are you really closed?" We hear you, and we're working on it. Our liquor license currently has an 8pm close as a condition of operation. We have to wait one full year from when our license was granted to apply to change this condition. So, as of April 19 we will be applying to extend our hours to close at 10pm. Come on ABC...for the love of fermentation, let the people have their cheese, wine, & beer!

Also in the works is a know, it's on the list.

We have received unbelievable support from the Mission community & beyond, and it is 100% the reason why we are not only still kicking, but thriving. The list of thanks could go on for days, but here is my best effort at the short & sweet version. Giant mountains of curds of gratitude to...

Steve, Liz, & Kendra for cheesing it up from the very beginning & to Lindsay, Eric, & Sarah for being the best possible additions since. I'm not even sure what to say, but I am certain that anyone who has walked through the MC doors knows how much you guys rock. I am forever grateful. Team photo coming soon.

My parents (left), Richard & Dianne Dvorak, for being the bravest 'rents on the planet. Thank you for the sound system, the tiling, the extra outlet, the chairs, and for believing in the cheese dream. You are heros.

Oliver, the best fiance, web guy, opps guy, bookkeeper, therapist, cheese-baby's daddy, & dishwasher alive. Heaps & heaps & heaps of love & curds to you!

We also would not have a shop if it were not for the amazing cheesemakers & distributors that supply us with the goods. Then of course the winemakers & brewers...and most importantly YOU! We are so grateful for you & your cheese-loving tendencies. Thank you for making Mission Cheese a special place.

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