Monday, August 16, 2010

Update. Yeah!

Where do I ever begin? It has been busy busy since my last post with a nice little cold nuzzled in the mix ('s pretty much winter here in SF) that has had me off cheese for the better part of a week (don't worry...I am holding up...sniffle). Lots of good stuff has happened, let the update begin.

First, Oliver & I made a trip to the Hughson to check on the progress of our cukes & provide a little trellis action for them to climb. Sounds like a fairly easy task, but for this rookie farming produced a good bit of comedy. (glance left to see my mallet gracefully missing it's target) After thorough research of the cucumber trellis, we decided to use these here 7 ft T-posts, nylon trellis netting, various wire types, and string. Just for the sake of detail I'll give you the play by play...

1) Pound giant posts in the ground. 3 per row, with the exception of one mini row. 5 rows. 14 posts. (I like math.) Let me just say, I know that mallet looks wimpy...but it was serious heavy. The aftermath was worse than Bowlers Elbow (don't pretend like you don't know what I am talking about).

2) Stretch nylon trellis netting between posts & secure with wire on top & bottom.

3) Secure net to posts with string for good measure.

Voila! A giant jungle gym for mini cucumbers. They are going to love it!

That very evening we cruised to Oakland for the very first East Bay Underground Market & it was ROCKIN'! We melted through 30 lbs of raclette before we sold out. The crowd was psyched, patient, & hilarious! I think my favorite line of the night was..."I'm lactose intolerant & I don't care!" Classic. Loved it. We also received a lovely shout out in the Oakland North, which really put things over the top. I am beyond grateful for the support, excitement, & appetite of this lovely Bay Area. So smitten.

Finally, on the business front it has been a few weeks of conversations with my ever so knowledgeable CPA & lawyer working out investor logistics (If anyone out there is starting a biz & needs a referral, let me know...these guys rock!) & securing angel bucks* to allow this Mission to come to life. 88% done. (Can I get a fist pump?!?) Then of course there has been the hunt for a space, which continues, BUT there is a front runner folks! Yes, that's right...I said it. My next post is likely to be either an euphoric fist pump packed celebration, OR a pretty deflated back to the drawing board wet blanket. Which shall it be? Fingers, toes, arms, legs, & eyes crossed for the former.

To be continued...

*angel bucks: money when you need it

(my first cliff hanger & footnote in the same post! Exciting?)


  1. Cucumbers look great! I have some more pics with the fruit already an inch long, blossom still attached. I will get them to you soon. RS

  2. Good luck on the space Sarah - very exciting!! Congrats on finding angel bucks too, well done!

  3. 聰明的人喜歡猜心 雖然每次都猜對了卻失去了自己的心..................................................... ............

  4. Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for all the insights you've been providing us on your blog. I love reading about your experience because I am also strongly considering starting my own business out in the Midwest! Being in the very beginning stages of idea development, I am trying to figure out the pure feasibility of opening my own shop and would love to hear your thoughts on funding, input costs, and all of the additional outside hires you've had to make along the way (ie: architect, lawyer). How is it that you went about finding outside investors?

    Thanks again for giving people like me inspiration! Keep chugging along!