Monday, August 23, 2010

Reflections of a Cheese Lovin' Year

This time last year, I was fixin' to attend my first American Cheese Society (ACS) conference in Austin. Aside from massive amounts of cheese, no idea what to expect. The trip was followed by a journey to Europe & ultimately catapulted this Mission. Now, here I am, 1 year later packing for the same conference, but it feels completely different. This year I head north to Seattle & I am beyond stoked to see friends made throughout the year, chat cheese, & let loose (yes...cleesemakers & mongers like to...well...have a good time).

I am especially pumped to see Sheri Lavigne & her new shop Calf & Kid, which opened back in April. Sheri & I met last year in Austin, both budding cheesers, & a year later her shop is wildly successful AND she has offered to take me in as a house guest for the conference! As the resident Seattle "cheesemongress" she has been invited to some cheese-a-licious events...and yours truly will be riding her coattails as her guest. Rock. On. The stories are bound to be entertaining & of course, I will share.

What a glorious year it has been...enough to make me misty eyed. The places I have traveled, people I have met, and the lessons I have learned in the name of cheese have warm my soul & allowed me to keep focus on the Mission. Speaking of which...I do not have the official update on the space. Unofficially I would say it's looking pretty good. Fist pumps & air drumming reserved until all is signed & sealed. year. Really? More to come from sunny Seattle!

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