Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chair Party (HOORAY!) & Budget Woes (NOOO!)

Things are moving right along and 736 Valencia is looking more & more like Mission Cheese every day. It is pretty amazing to watch months worth of decisions come together. I cannot wait to share!

Speaking of decisions...selecting chairs for the shop was no easy task. It was certainly not a problem to find chairs that I liked, but it was a bit of a problem finding something that both I liked AND was less than $100. Chairs, my friends, are expensive! The search had been on for nearly 3 months, when I finally stumbled across some options on my trusty friend, Mr. Craigslist. (Thanks to Allison Bloom who has been helping me with design tidbits!) I drove a zip car down to redwood city to pick up 15 of these puppies, at $10 each. (score!) Pretty nice...except for the fact that you cannot see the seriously layer of grim in the photo, aaaaaand I hate purple. Minor details. Nothing that could not be solved by a CHAIR PARTY! (WOOO HOOO! PAAAAARTY!) We invited over a few of our closest friends to take part in the joy of scraping grime (a.k.a. boogers), sanding, priming, and painting. Hooray!

How do you make such un-party-like activities fun, you ask? Good question. Simply add Judy, Kris (who apparently was not having much fun according to the picture to the top-right), Catherine (check out those gloves!), Ali, Steph, Jenny, James, Wavy, Dawn, and (of course) Oliver. Then you add some Devils Gulch & St. George, wine, brewski, Little Star, and some tunes. Voila! Party. Oliver even fashioned a sweet tarp to keep the sanding/de-booger station dry. Fancy! Best friends on the planet. Curds down.

It was a full day of chairrific times...and let me tell you, the fun continues as my Mum continues to work on fixing the purple cushion issue. I really wanted to go with a very au naturel look with painters cloth (natural/off-white heavy canvas), but for durability sake, we are going with black pleathery naugahyde. I know...gross, but it looks good & will hopefully last longer...decreasing the overall footprint. Yay?!? Check out the finished product! Mum's fingers hurt a bit after a day of stretching & stapling, but she was certainly the woman for the job. (My Mum & Dad are in town for 10 days to help with the shop...but I think that calls for a separate blog post, no?)

On a not-as-fun note, the final budget had some last minute complications (a.k.a. overages of the not so small variety). Without boring you with the details, I just wanted to send on news of the campaign we have launched via IndieGoGo (amazing website!) to raise funds to lighten the blow...and the response has been remarkable! As of day 4, we are over half-way to raising our goal of $12,000 thanks to the amazingly generous community that has embraced Mission Cheese. She's the luckiest truckle I ever did meet! Just in case you have not checked it out yet, HERE is the link. Pass it on. Spread the love. Eat some cheese. A little shortage in MOOla cannot stop this train! We are so close to the finish!

Barrels & buckets of curds overfloweth!


  1. I would love to drop by when you are open. Why have you decided to sell only American cheese? Also, why is it that cheese made in the US is just as expensive and in some cases even more so than French/Spanish/Italian cheese, which have to be imported?

  2. I'm psyched for a cheese store in the neighborhood. I've been walking by and looking at your logo and it makes me excited. Good luck!

  3. I'm a huge fan! My friends and I have come by three times now, and I'm a little worried you may think we're stalking you. Just know that we're huge lovers of cheese, we think you're a great new business, and hope all the best for you. Good luck Sarah!