Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mission Cheese Debut at the SF Underground Market

I have been writing this blog for over a year now (time sure does fly when you are talking cheese), and while I hope it has been informative & entertaining, the greater purpose about the mission behind the cheese has been...well...on the down low of sorts. In the coming months, the plot will thicken as I get closer to the ultimate goal of opening up shop (fingers, toes, legs & eyes crossed). That said...I am so unbelievably excited to bring a little taste of Mission Cheese to the people this FRIDAY, June 4th! (Yes, I am fist pumping at my computer...and it is 8:40 in the morn.)

Inspired by London's Borough Market, I have tracked down an amazing cheese-melting device. It's rad. So rad that it earned itself a shout out in the last forageSF email regarding the market! If you don't mind, I would like to share that snippet...

We've got some really great stuff lined up for this market. As always, there'll be tons of new vendors, including Mission Cheese with amazing raclette heated with the coolest cheese heating contraption you've ever seen. You've got to see it to believe it.

(Yes! Fist pump fist pump!)

It is sure to be a rousing day for cheese, and a wondrous event in general. There will be tons of vendors serving up tasty local delights along with drinks (duh, it's Friday), and a little bluegrass by The Brothers Comatose. All of this goes down at the SOMArts Cultural Center at 934 Brannan St from 6pm-midnight, and only costs $2. The one very important detail is that you have to sign up for a free membership HERE to enter the market.

I hope to see every face that I know in SF there on Friday, but in the off chance that you cannot make it...you better believe there will be a great story to tell.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick up 48 pounds of cheese.


  1. Every time I go to Borough Market I stop by the amazing raclette place. It is the absolute best. The thought of that yummy sandwich coming to the Bay Area fills me with joy! Looking forward to when you open your place.

  2. 今天心情很好..你心情好嗎?.........................

  3. 尼采:「一棵樹要長得更高,接受更多的光明,那麼它的根就必須更深入黑暗。」 ....................................................