Thursday, February 18, 2010

Curd Lovers Unite!

If you love the curd like I do (and live in the Bay Area...also like I do), there is some fun to be had in the coming weekend & into next week up in Sonoma. Yes, it is the 2010 Sonoma Cheese Conference hosted by Sheana Davis, The Epicurian Connection. It is sure to be a cheese-tastic event & you can choose your level of participation & investment. Here is the general schedule of events:

Saturday, February 20
Cheese Plus Winter Artisan Cheese Fair 1-4 pm

Open to the public & free of charge! Taste some delicious cheese & meet the makers. Yum!

Cheese School of San Francisco Event 6-9 pm
More quality time with cheesemakers from around the country with the lovely addition of some winemakers & brewers (yes please!) $25/person & you must RSVP using this Cheese School Link.

Sunday, February 21
Winter Artisan Cheese Fair 1-4 pm
For $25/person you can taste all the cheese your heart desires...or all it can handle, either way, it will be amazing. RSVP to Sheana Davis.

Monday & Tuesday, February 22-23
The Conference
This is the true conference, and it is going to be good. Conversations, panel discussions, & presentations from everyone who is anyone in American artisan cheese (almost...there may be a FEW people missing). $200 for the full 2-day conference or $125 for a single day. Please check out the Official Conference Website for a detailed run-down of each day.

I understand that the actual conference is during the school week which puts a wrench in the cheese learning for those of you that love cheese, but it does not happen to be your j-o-b. Fortunately for me, it is my job-ish/subject of study. I will be there & report back to all my cheese-lovin'-bringers-home-of-the-bacon & full-time-students-of-subjects-other-than-cheese. You will certainly be with me in spirit.

Viva la cheese!

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