Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chicago...you seem to like cheese too!

I know Chicago is not a creamery hot spot, but I could not cruise east without a stop in to visit an amazing friend & check out the budding cheese scene. So, whether you live in Chi-town or someday plan to drop in, here are some places that are serious about the curd...

Pastoral. About to open it's third location, Pastoral has become the cheese authority in the Windy City. It did not take long looking at their assortment to understand why. They have put a lot of love into finding unique & delicious cheese from across the globe. Service was extremely helpful & knowledgeable and they offer many tempting sandwich, side, & wine options making it a one stop shop for your Cub's tailgate (haha...that's how I roll out the barrel). Fabulous cheese...fabulous shop.

Eno. For those in love with wine, cheese, & chocolate, or any combination of the three...this spot should not be missed. They offer a wide variety of flights for all of these delicious treats (& informational note cards to boot...check out the pic). Cheeses & chocolates are mostly local small production selections & the wine list, while not quite local, offers heaps of unique choices by the glass. Perfect for an afternoon with a dear friend, a date, or any combination of people interested in learning more about some of life's sweetest sensations. They have several locations...so check out the link to see if there is one near you (Bay Area friends...they have a space at the Half Moon Bay Ritz)!

Green City Market in Lincoln Park. In my numerous visits to Chicago, I had yet to attend a farmers market. It appears I was missing out! The Green City market in Lincoln Park is not only beautiful...it is stuffed with delicious local goodies including several cheesemakers, a few of which I had visited in my trip through Wisconsin. Others had traveled from Michigan, Indiana, & of course Illinois. My cheese highlight for the market was certainly Capriole farmstead goat cheeses...specifically the aged raw milk cheeses, and more specifically the Old Kentucky Tomme. Deliciously creamy & complex flavors. It is a must try...add it to the list! I also scored some honey crisp apples (it's fall!) and enjoyed some fresh & delicious cider doughnuts...almost forgot to mention. Whoops.

Thank you to Caroline for being my Chicago sponsor & the best darn friend a curd-loving girl could have. Since she's not a fan queso (yet...I know...we are working on it) I say, this chocolate truffle is for you!

Now, officially, I head east...

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