Saturday, April 11, 2009 does your chompers good

Another day, another dentist appointment...I often wonder what I will do with all this time (& money) when I have my permanent grill in place. It's going to be quite a delight, but I will also certainly miss all my dentist office friends & their smiling faces. I have really enjoyed getting to know them, and my last trip was especially exciting as Dr. Brucia provided me with a lovely curd of knowledge...CHEESE IS GOOD FOR YOUR TEETH! I mean, I knew I had a special connection with this wonderfully tasty source of protein, but this just really takes it to the next level!
Not only is cheese good as milk is good, providing calcium that strengthens both your bones & teeth, it takes things one step further strengthening teeth from the outside. Cheese provides a protective coating of calcium preventing demineralization of teeth while encouraging remineralization, making teeth strong & resilient. If that's not enough reason for you to grab for a tasty wedge, there's more! Cheese helps fight tooth decay by balancing the pH in your mouth. Apparently, when we eat the pH in our mouth drops making your teeth vunerable to decay. Eating cheese before or after a meal, especially meals high in acid, will keep the pH levels in your mouth in check & prevent nasty tooth decay. I love it!

That's my curd for the day...Cheese, it does your chompers good! Grab a wedge & help your grill stay in tact!

If only every dental appointment could be so exciting...a girl can dream.

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